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Sport Canada's Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) allows athletes of international caliber to receive financial assistance with their training and competition needs. There are two steps in the process of identifying AAP funding recipients that may potentially lead to disputes.

NSO Recommendations to Sport Canada: Most disputes arise when the NSO recommends a list of athletes for carding to Sport Canada. Athletes who feel like they should have been recommended for funding may be dissatisfied with the decision of their NSO. Such situation is very similar to team selection issues. The publication by the NSO, in advance, of clear and comprehensive carding criteria is likely to reduce the risk of disputes. If athletes know in advance what they must accomplish in terms of performance to be nominated by the NSO for AAP funding, they will have little grounds to appeal if they end up not meeting these criteria.

Sport Canada's approval of NSO Recommendations: Once the NSO has submitted its recommendations for carding, Sport Canada reserves the right to object to some of the recommendations if they are deemed not to be in compliance with the agreed upon criteria. It is therefore important for NSOs to follow the criteria closely in order to avoid such refusal by Sport Canada. Athletes affected by such decision may also lodge an appeal.

The SDRCC has published a brochure entitled "Athlete Carding - Appeal Process" especially intended for athletes who disagree with a carding decision affecting them, to guide them in the process to follow if they decide to contest such decision.

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