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Appeal Policies

It is highly recommended that National Sport Organizations have in place an internal appeal process that is fair and coherent with the rules of natural justice, for two reasons:

Credibility of NSO: If NSO members believe that their grievances were heard through fair procedures and if they are satisfied that their rights were respected throughout the process, they will be less likely to seek justice outside of their NSO. This builds an environment of trust that is the foundation of a successful organization.

Harmonious Relationships: A closely knit community, like we find in many sports, can be seriously damaged by disputes. NSOs adopting internal appeal processes that are both fair and efficient will have a much better chance of resolving disputes in a way that will allow relationships to be preserved.

The SDRCC has produced an Appeal Policy Package including guidelines on how to set up an internal appeal process. The package provides two sample appeal policies: one complete and one simplified, to adapt to various NSO needs and realities. It is available in the Download section.

An Internal Appeal Panel Online Orientation is also available to help prepare volunteers who are called upon to act as appeal panel members. Click here to access this program free of charge.

NSO Appeal Policies

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