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Online Internal Appeal Panel Orientation

Appeal panel members are entrusted with decisions that will likely affect members of their sport organizations and may even have a significant impact on their sport. The SDRCC recognizes that, in the Canadian sport system, internal appeal panels are often comprised of volunteers who are not always familiar with conducting appeal hearings. In an effort to support the sport community in better managing sports-related disputes, the SDRCC is proud to have developed an Online Internal Appeal Panel Orientation program.

The objective of this initiative is to provide a free, simple, general orientation that is accessible to all members of the Canadian sporting community, from sport clubs to national sport organizations. Its purpose is to provide, to current and future panel members, information on the appeal process and the role of an appeal panel member. There are 5 short thematic units of approximately 6 to 8 minutes each, with interactive scenarios and questions and answers, and can be completed one at a time or in sequence.

Start the program by clicking the image below:

Important Note: While this program is not intended to be comprehensive nor does it constitute a skills development tool, it can be an excellent starting point to help individuals identify the areas in which they may require more information and it will refer to additional resources that may assist in preparation to conduct an appeal process.