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Investigation Unit


Context and Purpose

Federally-funded sport organizations in Canada must take all necessary measures to create a workplace free from harassment, abuse or discrimination of any kind. Among other things, they must make provisions for access to an independent third party to address harassment and abuse cases.

The SDRCC extends its expertise to offer, as a pilot project, a list of qualified and independent investigators to assist them in handling complaints and allegations. 



The services of the Investigation Unit are offered, on a voluntary basis, to all federally-funded sport organizations in Canada.



The services of the Investigation Unit are offered on a fee-for-service basis. The costs associated with hiring an Investigator, conducting the investigation activities, and travel expenses if any, are exclusively the responsibility of the client.

Recognizing the financial restrictions under which federally-funded sport organizations operate, a strict remuneration policy was established as part of this program in order to keep the fees reasonable and the services accessible.

Potential clients may contact the SDRCC office to obtain a copy of the Remuneration Policy. Investigators are committed to respect the terms of such policy when hired by a federally-funded sport organization in Canada to conduct an investigation, unless the client wishes to negotiate different financial arrangements with the Investigator.


To consult the list of members of the Investigation Unit and their biographies, click here.‚Äč


Other relevant documents

If you wish to obtain a copy of the following documents, please contact the SDRCC directly by email or by phone:

  • Declaration of Independence of the Investigator;
  • Mandate Agreement Template;
  • Remuneration Policy;
  • Comparative table of the provincial and territorial requirements in order to conduct investigations.