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Dispute Prevention Resource Centre

Contract Templates

SDRCC has developed a number of ready-to-use contract clauses, agreements and sample policies.

Clauses: These clauses can be integrated into policies, agreements and contracts to allow signatories to resort to alternative dispute resolution should a dispute arise from the interpretation or implementation of the document in question.

Agreements: If no dispute resolution clause was integrated into the policies, agreements, or contracts at the origin of a dispute, parties can still reach an agreement to submit their dispute to alternative dispute resolution by signing one of those agreements.

Also, in certain very special circumstances, parties wish to waive the internal appeal process of an NSO to bring their dispute directly to SDRCC. The following version of the proposed agreements specifically makes reference to that situation.

Sample Policies:
Sample policies currently available are the internal appeal policy templates from the Appeal Policy Package.

Athlete/NSO Agreement Template:
Click here to consult the Athlete/NSO agreement section of the Sport Canada website.
Click here to consult the model athlete agreement proposed by Sport Canada.

Sample Coach Contract:
Click here to consult the model contract for coaches proposed by Coaches of Canada.